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You just found it.

Salty Cowboy is tucked away in a beautiful lush location surrounded by rice fields and very close to the ocean. 

Upon arrival you will be welcomed to this little equestrian paradise by the owner Simone, her partner Aep and the team.

They are happy to share the unique story of Salty Cowboy and how Simone's dream came true by building this

horse rescue and rehabilitation centre in 2018.

After 20 years of experience in international competing, training horses and coaching riders, Simone with her partner Aep rescue horses to give them a loving and nurturing home, and an education. Aep comes from a horse family and learned how to take care, ride and shoe horses at a very young age. He has a wealth knowledge on how to treat and heal horses with natural medicine and his methods are used for the healing of the horses at the stables.


Many of the rescue horses have been through very traumatic experiences and it takes a lot of love, patience and understanding to train them and gain back their trust. Every horse deserves a second chance and the team at Salty Cowboy make that happen.


When the rescue horses arrive at Salty Cowboy they begin their journey – a unique rehabilitation and training program. This is tailored to each rescue horse’s specific needs and requirements. It can take months to years for our rescue horses to then be available for riding at our Salty Cowboy Stables.

Once trained, the horses that show particular talents are developed further and sold as a sport horse or kids pony. 

They will never have to experience their old life of trauma again. 



We do need to sell some of our beloved horses to make room for new rescues.

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A ride at Salty Cowboy in Kedungu is an amazing experience. Once the horses are healthy and trained they will take you on an unforgettable ride on the beach or through the rice fields. A mixture of adventure, lots of fun, and an incredible bonding experience with our cowboys and rescue horses.

We offer Beach and Ricefield Rides and lessons in Natural Horsemanship and Dressage.  

You can also book a Photoshoot with one of our horses.

If you'd like to know how we train our rescues, want to build confidence around horses, or overcome your fear of horses, the Horse Whisperer Course is a great choice for you.


Only 20 minutes from Canggu and close to Tanah Lot’s famous ‘Temple in the Sea’ you’ll find an authentic Bali like it was 30 years ago.

Salty Cowboy - best described as ‘Cowboy meets Bali’.


The lush, shady wooden joglo styled stables are located only a short walk from Kedungu Beach

and surrounded by rice fields.

Having a long, quiet, good sandy beach just around the corner, makes Salty Cowboy unique in Bali. 



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