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Salty Cowboy offers RESPONSIBLE HORSE RIDING. This means NO overworked, underfed or commercially ‘overexploited’ horses.

Indonesian local horses are not as strong as Warmbloods, therefore, we have a weight limit for each horse. Our strongest horse can carry a maximum of 70 kg. This prevents their backs or legs from getting damaged by carrying too much weight.  

Without the continued support from our riders, we cannot continue to rescue horses and keep our dream alive. If you would to support our stables, please consider donating to our rescues. The team at Salty Cowboy thanks you for your support.


Experience an unforgettable ride in a quiet and relaxing surrounding. Suitable for all levels, from first time riders to experienced athletes. 


Salty Cowboy is located only 900 meters from the beach. Just a short 9 minute stroll along the rice fields to Kedungu beach means you get longer beach time! Perfect for riding. Our staff will be your guide by horse or by foot according to your level.


60 MINUTES - 850.000

Have you ever dreamt of riding on a tropical beach? So much fun at Kedungu Beach with our rescue horses. You will be accompanied by one of our ‘Salty Cowboys’ who will take care of you according to your level of riding. Book ahead!


60 MINUTES - 850.000

A beautiful and relaxing ride through the surrounding rice fields in Kedungu. A slow paced ride perfect for beginners and those who want to de-stress! A great sneak peak into Kedungu Village comes from horse back. 


90 MINUTES - 1.100.000

Our most popular ride! Beach and ricefield ride combined. Great impression of beautiful Kedungu.  Book ahead as these rides are at the best slots. Not too hot: rides are at our first morning slot and the afternoon slot is at sunset.


60 MINUTES - 950.000

One of our favorite rides with our water-loving horses. Wade through the river without a saddle and get wet! Hold onto the mane and you might even get a swim. (Bookings are according to tides and conditions of the river)

saltycowboy_horseridingbali34 (1).jpeg


2 HOURS - 1.450.000

Here is your opportunity to ride and take all the pictures you like. A lovely ride through the sleepy village, onto the beach and through the rice fields. The grooms will bring you to the best spots around #Kedungu and assist you with the horses while you make insta-worthy pictures. Great at sunset!

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