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Salty Cowboy offers RESPONSIBLE HORSE RIDING. This means NO overworked, underfed or commercially ‘overexploited’ horses.

Indonesian local horses are not as strong as Warmbloods, therefore, we have a weight limit for each horse. Our strongest horse can carry a maximum of 70 kg. This prevents their backs or legs from getting damaged by carrying too much weight.  

Without the continued support from our riders, we cannot continue to rescue horses and keep our dream alive. If you would to support our stables, please consider donating to our rescues. The team at Salty Cowboy thanks you for your support.


The private horse riding lessons take place in our Arena for recreational or skilled horse riders.

Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the Salty Cowboy stables while you improve your riding skills and if you are a beginner to become a horse rider.

Private horse owners are welcome to train with our instructors and bring their riding skills to a higher level.

Dressage Lesson at Salty Cowboy Kedungu Beach Bali


50 MINUTES - 780.000

PACKAGE OF 10 - 7.200.00

Private riding lessons for beginners to advanced riders. Learn how to ride dressage or polish up your skills.


60 MINUTES - 660.000

PACKAGE OF 10 - 6.000.000

Connect with your horse through play. Experienced riders can ride and play. Less experienced riders can play from the ground with the horses. Learn about different ways and signs of playing. Makes horses and people happy!

Fun Lesson at Salty Cowboy Kedungu Beach Bali
Beginner Lesson at Salty Cowboy Kedungu Beach Bali


50 MINUTES - 780.000

PACKAGE OF 10 - 7.200.000

An introduction to dressage riding. You will be learning how to stop, ‘go’ and steer. Correct use of the four ‘aids’ hands, legs, seat and voice. Lessons are given on the lunge-line for extra safety and more focus for the rider.



60 MINUTES - 600.000

Learn the finer art of grooming. There is more to grooming than a daily brush and the occasional shower. Especially in Bali where we have a damp and hot climate. One hour tips and tricks from our stable manager and the opportunity to ask all your questions about grooming.

Master Class Horse Care Lesson at Salty Cowboy Kedungu Beach Bali
Fun Packed Package at Salty Cowboy Kedungu Beach Bali


PACKAGE OF 10 (60 MINUTES) - 6.000.000

A great combination of all thing horse! Get an insight of the training methods that we use for the horses, a fun and hands on 'peak in the kitchen' and learn about interacting with hoses in this unique combination of:

1 Natural Horsemanship Lesson *

1 Free Lunging Lesson *

1 Free Jumping Lesson *

1 Lunging Lesson *

1 Rice Field Ride

1 Beach Ride

1 Master Class Grooming *

2 Riding Lessons with saddle

1 Riding Lesson without saddle

* Lessons with a * are without riding and involve groundwork, natural horsemanship and understanding of and connecting with your horse, handling a horse and care-taking. 



This unique package is for everyone: men and women, boys and girls. No weight limits. Ages 6 and up. For all level riders!


Learn how to speak horse in one month. One on one. Hands on. This is your chance to become a horse whisperer and use this newly gained knowledge in your riding.  Everybody can learn the language. There is no magic to it, just technique.


Get an insight into your own daily behavior, being aware of your body language and using your energy to get things done. Learn when to apply pressure and when to release pressure.


See how we train traumatized horses. Learn techniques and ask questions. This package takes you off the horse so you learn what a horse really is. Being on the ground with a horse gives you a different perspective of the horse and their behaviour.


This package will greatly benefit your riding as you will learn to understand the impact of your body language and confidence on the horse.

  • Do you having fear of riding?

  • Are you a beginner rider?

  • Do you want to build confidence around horses?

  • Do you want to learn how to handle a horse and lead a horse without being in trouble?

  • Do you want to learn how to communicate out of the saddle?

  • You want to learn about groundwork?


Then this is the package just for you! Offered only at Salty Cowboy. 

Connect with horses. Understand their behavior and best of all, learn to speak ‘horse’.





  • 5 times two hours of intensive one on one training. Private.

  • In these two hours we will take out several horses to train with. It also includes 30 minutes theory where you can have a coffee/water break and ask all the questions you have.

  • Two hours of master grooming by our stable manager.