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We had our eyes on this horse for 4 months. His condition went more down every month but we did not have the funds to buy him. From a distance we supported the owner with some food for him. With some help of one of our customers we where finally able to get him to Salty Cowboy.


He arrived very tired and skinny. Barnebi was very grumpy and only liked Aep in the beginning. When Aep gave him his daily treatments for the fungus on his legs he clearly did not want me around. Barnebi had some leg problems and had clearly carried to heavy people, being commercially ‘milked’ as a tourist horse. 

Barnebi has been building up weight and muscles over the past 8 months since he got here and feels a lot better. So good that he recently went on competition! We are training him further to build more muscle and he likes to train without a bridle. Maybe he will be a good horse for free riding later? He can do some lessons with beginner riders and does beach rides.


We are taking it easy with Barnebi because he still is not at his fittest. 

Do you want to help Barnebi become his best self?

What do we need?
* Food and tack: bridal, girth, stirrup leathers
* Financial aid for care and training 


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