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Salju came as an orphan. He was yellow and brown from the poo and pee he slept in. He had pink patches where the hair was missing. He certainly wasn’t the most pretty little colt.

My friend commented when she saw him, "Simone you can not bring ALL that you find into your stables". We had a laugh and I promised her he will look like a pretty white Conamara pony later. We patched him up and did I keep my promise?


Aep is certain that Salju brings good luck to our stables, he is special.

Salju has the funniest personality. He squeals like I have never heard a horse do when he is in a playful mood. He loves to run around in the paddock, bucking, playing with teddies and just having fun. With his pitch-black round eyes he has so many expressions, interested, surprised and naughty are his favourites.

Being the Benjamin of the bunch Salju wants to do what the big boys do. On the lunge line he is at his best behaviour since day 1 of his training. He wants to show that he can do it. Having his stable next to the training arena he must have studied the other horses? Since he SOOO wanted a job we put a saddle on him. That was no problem for Salju. Then our lightest groom mounted him. He loved it. Then we took him to the beach. Man was he happy! squealing all the way down the beach in canter. 

We estimate he must be almost 3 years now and ready for the big boys work. Salju is being trained as a kids pony (for a kid with a good sense of humor! 


This horse is begging for a job, he also did a photoshoot behaving like a pro. Salju is not for everyone yet, but we have high expectations for him once he has finished his first year of school. Being a 100% dominant white horse he is such a handsome boy!

Are you interested in supporting Salju? He needs to go to school! 
What do we need?

  • Financial help to cover the costs of training and shampoo to keep him white. 

  • (Used) Tack: bridal, saddle, halter, ropes ect.

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