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One day we went to see this little pony for sale. She was definitely different than what we had seen so far. In stead of skinny she was too fat. We asked the handler to take her out and he called two of his friends. Soon we understood why! This mini pony dragged 3 adult men until she broke loose and galloped squealing over the premises. It was a very funny sight to see a furry ball with 4 sticks as legs running around but the grooms where not amused. Lotte went back home with us. 

At home she pushed me over a couple of times but with some groundwork that quickly changed. She lost about 50 kg and is the most loving kids pony at the stables. Great for natural horsemanship and gives people trust in being around horses. Not the best beach pony but super in the arena.

Lotte is still a bit ‘plus size’ and loved by all kids and us!

Do you want to help Lotte?

What do we need?

  • Food, carrots and a small size saddle for big belly pony

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