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Aramis is a 7 year old ex-racehorse. We found Aramis hungry and dehydrated. Being to old (or too slow) to race we found him left alone, standing on a threshold of his stable to avoid sinking in his own manure. When we asked for water the caretaker explained the situation: the water was 'broken'. 

With Aramis we acted fast; within 3 hours he was paid for and in the truck as he needed urgent care. At home we fixed his ‘ski slope’ shaped hooves and gradually he started to gain weight. His depression slowly faded as he gained some strength.


After 6 months the weaving fully stopped, his hooves were in good condition again and he started to build up some muscles. 

The first 6 months of his training we could not get his attention, the focus was on everything but us. With patience, time and consistency he started to change. Now, after 1,5 years of training he is the most attentive and work willing horse at the stables. A super healthy bodybuilder who loves to show off his learned skills. 

On the beach Aramis only takes experienced riders as his racing blood is still flowing through his veins. In the arena he takes all level riders for lessons.

The hard work, sweat and tears were so worth it: from an unruly rearing weirdo to a happy, stunning horse. He is a true pleasure to ride. Aramis recently had his first dressage competition and earned 3rd place.

We continue to train him to make him ready for a new owner: Aramis has worked and studied his way up and has a bright future as a sporthorse ahead.

Are you interested in helping Aramis move up in his career? Your support is greatly appreciated. 

What do we need?

  • We are looking for financial help to cover the costs for training and care. 

  • Tack (bridal, saddle ect.) and food are also on our wish list for Aramis.

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