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Moon is a 7 year old cremello stallion with blue eyes. 1.30 height. Moon has a very soft character. He is rescued from exhaustion from pulling carts. He needs a calm and soft rider. With a soft approach Moon is a fantastic riding pony and likes a rider up to 60 kg. Moon can do some dressage. He likes to have one rider only to build a relationship with. He doesn’t like many different people on his back. He is a bit introvert and scared that he does something wrong. With an understanding and confident rider he overcomes his shyness. On the beach he can be ridden by always the same rider. With some practice he can do it. Moon is also trained in free lunging. Meet Moon at the stables and see how easy he is around mares!


Sunday is a 6 year old ex-dancing pony 1.10m height. With his unique dark head he makes a really cute kids pony. He is suitable for 6-9 year old medium experienced rider and a perfect horse to teach tricks. Maximum weight for Sunday is 42 kg. He is trained in free lunging and basic dressage at Salty Cowboy. Sunday loves kids and likes to play with them. A basic horse knowledge is required.

Sunday found a new home already!

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