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Moon is an ex-cart pony. Cremello color with blue eyes. He has been with us since 2019. Moon was very scared to do something wrong.


This pony completely shut down and was very much in his own world. When he came to Salty Cowboy he would stand still anywhere you’d put him. Without a rope or anything, used to serving his master and stand still with a cart. From the many brandings he got on his body we can tell he had several owners.


Moon is a stallion and that shows; from pulling too heavy loads he got a hernia and his private parts dropped down.


Today Moon still has a very sensitive character but came out of his shell and loves his cuddles and butt scratches :) Moon is fantastic with free lunging and jumping. He needs a soft and gentle rider and if it’s a match, he is a lovely handsome basic trained dressage pony. We do not use Moon for beach rides as this is too much for him. He sees the world differently through his sensitive blue eyes and is worried outside.


Moon doesn’t like many different people on his back. However if Moon has one rider, he builds trust and can do rides outside. Moon is ready to find a new forever home.

Do you want to help Moon?

What do we need?
* Moon is for sale, we need a loving, medium experienced rider under 60 kg for him.
* Financial support to take care of Moon until he finds his forever home

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