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Sulthan has been almost a year with us. Sulthan has been through physical abuse and does not like people anymore. He was used as a riding horse before but also for other ‘personal entertainment’. The pictures speak for themselves. At our stables he got castrated and had some complications which slowed down his rehabilitation. The castration did not make him like people more…


Sulthan is not an easy character and chooses to defend himself by attacking. Sultan was extremely stiff when he came in, and could hardly move. All the muscles are good now, he gained weight and he is healthy as can be. His training started with lunging; it took quite some time for him to learn. 


Sulthan is currently in dressage training and making slow progress. Sulthan is super handsome and can do photoshoots on the beach.

He is still at the beginning of his hiking training. 

With lots and lots of patience, love and effort, we are confident that Sulthan will be trusting people again and will find his place within Salty Cowboy. At this moment Sulthan is our most ‘demanding’ horse.

Do you want to help Sultan?

Sultan is co-owned by a loving horse mum and Salty Cowboy, but we can use some extra support for him as his training is intensive.

What do we need?

  • Support in costs for training

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