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One day I received a message from a man who was following us on Instagram. He asked me for help as he couldn’t take care of his horses anymore. Because of corona he had no money left for his new hobby. We went to his place to see the horses. The friendly owner showed us the horses. Soon it was clear he did not know what to do with them.


The horses had changed. Before he could ride them but now they are aggressive and hard to approach, he said. Being new to horses the owner had no idea how to handle this. 

We bought his 4 horses. Two of them where in good condition and we found new loving homes for them already. The other two horses are still at Salty Cowboy. One of them is Shiva.


The previous owner had put the stallions and mares together so we didn't know if Shiva was pregnant or not until just recently when she had a scan which said she was!  She was a bit skinny and had minor skin problems. After a few months of training her aggressive behaviour is gone. She is friendly, doesn’t bite or kick and has a soft character. We are now training her to become a kid’s pony. As we now know she is pregnant she is getting extra pampering and rest to keep her healthy for her new foal which we think will arrive in the next few months. 

Are you interested in supporting Shiva? Your help is welcome! 
What do we need?

  • Financial help to cover the costs of training and care. 

  • Tack (bridal, saddle, halter, ropes ect.) and (pregnant mare) food/vitamines for Shiva.

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