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A boy with a girl’s name. Valery came in very skinny, We did not know much about his background but we could tell that he hadn’t been out much. When we put him in the arena to run, he fell over because he did not know how to coordinate his legs. But he loved to play there. And that’s what he did and do a lot. He has his own collection of toys.


Training was easy in the first few months when we found out how to play with him. He can entertain himself endlessly and can play for an hour or more if it’s up to him. Through play he learned how to balance himself and build up muscles.

Beach training was a success with him, he is a delight to canter, fast and slow. We slowly started him again in the arena and he is more liking it now. Through the dressage training we discovered he might have been a ‘dancing’ horse as he goes into piaffe when standing still, we are training to help him forget that ‘trick’ although it looks pretty cool :)

We know Valery has been beaten on his head because we can still not touch his face. But he does love the cuddles on his neck!

Do you want to support Valery?

What do we need?
* Stuffed animals, buckets and big rubber animals

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